"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."

                              Clay P. Bedford







What's Happening at Champ Cooper  

4th Six Weeks Cougar List Recipients

Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd grade: Jayden Bellandorf, Huc Prevost, Elisha Jenkins, Gracie McDaniel, Trinity Harris, Abby Derks, Riley Fontenot, Lillian Virga, Trenton Perrin, Nola Mitchell, Elisha Jenkins, Allie Perrilloux, Madeline Harper Also Mellissa Gatlin -Teacher, Jamie Jackson - Asst. Principal, and Patty Benton - Teacher

3rd grade: Brisyn Miller, Brice Barron, James Gambel, Kaydence Myers Also pictured - Rachel Stanga - Teacher

4th grade: Joseph Holleman, Brannon Bourgeois, Olivia Springer

5th & 6th grade: Donovan Harrison, Gabrielle Thomas, Araya Bruno, Bethany Dragg, Angel Godwin, Adam Folse, Caroline Meades

7th and 8th grade: Slade Foil, Jamie Holt, Kevin Bordelon, Hannah Kraft, Abbey Johnson, Neil Madrigal


3rd Six Weeks Cougar List Recipients

Pre-K to 2nd Grade:
Daniel Ramus, Regina Adu, Dayveon Martin, Marissa Matherne, Grae Derks, Laiba Rawn, Ethan Moore, Jaden Matherne, Bradley Coyne, Jett Owen, Amelia May, Jaylen Jackson, Natalie Reeves. Also pictured Jamie Jackson, Asst. Principal, and Melissa Gatlin, 2nd grade teacher.
3rd & 4th Grade: Lilianna Bush, Toby Fallon, Hayleigh Howard, Katelin Ard, Tristin Peterson, Jessica Bluai, Logan Foy
5th & 6th Grade: Landon Guagliardo, Siri Lopinto, Emilie Brown, Grace Anderson, Colby Foil, Freddie Olmstead
7th Grade: Health Jenkins, Danielle McLeod, Noah Harper
8th Grade: Sara Smith, Trey Strickland, Karla Lee

CCES Teachers Celebrating
Dr. Seuss' Birthday

PBIS Mardi Gras Parade

Mrs. Schaff's Kindergarten Class
Celebrating the 100th Day of School

PBIS Christmas Dance

Breakfast with a Book

2014 - 2015 CCS 5th Grade
D.A.R.E. Graduation

2nd Six Weeks Cougar List Recipients 

Pre-K - 2nd Grade: Ty Arthur,  Joshua Hollemann, Alethiah Kelly, Mallory Howard, A’Yanni Holliday, Mia Martinez (back row) Jaedyn Hollins, Logan Shelton, Kevin “Scottie Covert, Julianna Derks, Gabriel Bricker, Annalee Presley, Jacob Harvey
3rd Grade: Chase Folse, Kanaan House, Alexandra Woods, Lillian Williams
4th Grade: Payton Mouton, Keziah Kelly, Mick Bradford
5th and 6th Grade: Bethany Dragg, Nicole Hysmith, Hannah Thompson, Elijah Guerra, Brianna Blow, Henri Ransefore, Lily Daugherty
7th and 8th Grade: Amari Wilford, Ryan Rock, Faith Gatlin, Cody Joachim, Lochlyn Beauchamp, Triston Cobart 
1st Six Weeks Cougar List Recipients

Pre-K - 2nd Grade: Amelia Tippitt, Andrew Reno, Brady Smith, Jadyn Mataya, Harold La Rose, Layla East, John Myers, Chelsea Cyprian, Sara Bradford, Anna Chaisson, DeMundre Seymour, Phoenix Jones, Ciara Wilkerson, Justin Olmstead
3rd Grade: Allison Lloyd, Avery Pritchard, Kandyss Mills Troy Mairiakis
4th Grade: Laleiya Holliday, Collin Smith, Christa Burns
5th & 6th Grade: Skylar Schilling, Justice Kelly, Geralcoe Toney, Desirae Hemstad, Kaylee Morgan, Jaylee Womack
7th & 8th Grade: Julianne Johnson, Blair Vignes, Logan Giannobile, Sydney Sampson, Katelyn Dollar, Austin Phillips, Jordan Jackson

CCS Students Celebrating

 Red Ribbon Week
with Crazy Sock Day!!!

CCS Faculty is Fang-tastic!


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Mrs. Trinco's Science Classes
5th graders used the steps of the scientific method to investigate how many drops of water a penny will hold.

6th grade students studied experiment design by constructing a tower from a maximum of 10 sheets of paper that was taller than it was wide and could hold a textbook for a minute. The best design held 42 books before toppling over.

PBIS Reward
Crazy Sock Day!!! 

The CCS Family Welcomes...
Brittany Bickford, Jill Willie, Chelsey Gerarve, Amanda Alessi, Chante Buchanan, and Jamie Mills. 

Today is Saturday, July 04, 2015

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