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Teachers click here to login and enter your lesson plans.

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JPAMS info
It functions best in Google Chrome with the screen maximized.  If you get a blank screen, go to the top of Chrome window and hit "Reload"
Using WebPams & Google Chrome Tips (Turning Off Pop-up Blockers)
(If you are having trouble printing your Gradebook Report, this could be the problem)
Maximize Window
WebPams works best if the Chrome browser window is maximized.... if your screen is jumping and wiggling then that means your Chrome Window is NOT maximized.  Go to to the top right hand corner of the screen and click the middle button between the " - Minimize" button and the "X Close" button. See pictures below.

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BrainPOP    BrainPOP Jr
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 Think Central
Think Central desktop
 Harcourt Story Town Reading Series for Grades K-6 - Teachers and students have access to online materials by clicking on these links.
The link below is a browser checker to see if you have everything you need loaded on your computer to run ThinkCentral.  If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you need to run that browser in Compatibility Mode. 
Harcourt StoryTown  
 Reading Teacher
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 Discovery Education
Louisiana Public Broadcasting and Tangipahoa Parish Schools Technology Department provide Discovery Streaming (formerly known as Unitedstreaming™,) a video-on-demand service that is available to all TPSS schools. Discovery Streaming offers teachers and students more than 20,000 core-curriculum video clips and teacher resources that are directly correlated to the Louisiana Content Standards. The video clips can be downloaded and incorporated into classroom lessons and multimedia student projects.

Each TPSS school has a generic login and password that is being distributed to the Instructional Technology Facilitators, HOTT team members and the school librarians. Teachers should go to to access Discovery Streaming.  Teachers should use the generic information, then create their own personalized login and password. These resources are available from any Internet connected computer.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting
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Online Textbooks
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Espresso Education
Espresso is for students in K-5.... 18 schools in TPSS have subscriptions.... check with your Instructional Technology Facilitator for more info.
Click here for TPSS Teacher Created Espresso Lessons!
TPSS Espresso Notebook Lessons  
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Online Professional Development for all TPSS teachers.
 Click HERE for directions on how to print your transcript to earn CLUs. 
All transcripts are due by MAY 1st to earn credit for the school year. 
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LearnZillion offers a free and growing set of Math and ELA resources
for grades 2 – 12 that have been developed by expert teachers
directly from the Common Core State Standards
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Teaching is...
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Learning Forward
Standards for Professional Learning outline the characteristics of professional learning that leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

Standards for Professional Learning

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True Flix
For schools with Grades 2-6.
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 SMART Exchange
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 PD 360
is now....
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Accelerated Reader login page
AR Home Connect



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World Book Online  
Worldbook subscriptions  
World Book Online is available to all TPSS teachers and students. Contact your librarian and/or Instructional Technology Facilitator for the login and password information you should use.
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Louisiana PASS
Louisiana PASS: Practice Assessment / Strengthen Skills is targeted for students in Grades 1-12. You can write an English / Language Arts composition and have it scored in PASS. You can answer constructed-response questions in English, math, science, and social studies. When you don't know an answer, you receive feedback to help you. This site is a fantastic way for our students to prepare for standardized testing. Student's first time screen name should be "student" with a password of "tiger." Once they login for the first time, they will be assigned their own screen name and password.
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EBSCO K-12 School Databases
EBSCO K-12 School Databases are available to all TPSS students and teachers for free. Contact your librarian or Instructional Technology Facilitator member for the login and password information you should use.
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 Benchmark Testing Link
Achievement Series
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Scantron Performance Series
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 Study Island
Study Island: 4th and 8th Grade Only
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Video Conferencing
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Internet Safety
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EAGLE is a helpful online classroom assessment tool that features high-quality content aligned to Louisiana's Grade-Level Expectations (GLEs). Using the EAGLE system, teachers can identify student strengths and weaknesses, access targeted classroom resources, and refine instructional strategies based on student performance.
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 Curriculum and Instruction
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Tangipahoa Association of Music Educators
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TestPrep Review  
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Vicki Blackwell website

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Tangipahoa Parish Public Library
The Louisiana Library Connection Databases are available to all Louisiana residents free of charge through the State Library of Louisiana. For information on using these databases, click here. You will need your library card number to have access to these resources. 
Louisiana Library Connection Databases
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LANA was developed primarily to guide school personnel in conducting
comprehensive evaluations of schools based upon school effectiveness and productivity research.

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LPB LearningMedia
Register for LPB LearningMedia, a new digital resource library that is free to all teachers and homeschooler statewide. More than 18,000 research-based digital videos, interactives, images, audio files, lesson plans, worksheets and more are available to use in your teaching or homework assignments. LPB LearningMedia is a robust library aligned to Common Core Standards and available to all PreK-16 classrooms. Click to see a collection of tens of thousands of resources by subject area.  
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Louisiana Connect