Reading and Writing Literacy Standards in History, Science, and Technical Subjects

LDC Modules help teachers teach students to succeed on assignments created using LDC Template Tasks. Modules are built on a common “chassis” so instruction can be shared across a wide variety of grades, content areas, and instructional approaches.

Sample Modules from teachers participating in LDC implementation across many states are one of the best illustrations of how LDC design can work. Click below to see sample modules in:
English Language Arts
Science & Technical Subjects
History & Social Studies

Standards Placemats
13-14 Sample Social Studies Tasks

Pleasetake a look at the new rubrics and examples of the social studies sample tasks.Scroll all the way down to the last 2 pages to see the rubric and the scoringnotes as well as document based questions. The multiple choice questions, theconstructed response question, and the documents are found above the rubric. Besure to scroll past the blank student response pages to see the rubrics andscoring notes.



5thgrade sample task, rubric, and scoring notes.




TPSS Social Studies Resource Page