Spelling words are given out every other Monday.

Spelling Test are given every other Friday. 
Unit 1 Spelling Words

1. admissible               6. conscience             11.exchange               16. naive        

2. adopt                       7. contemporary        12. exhibit                   17. narrative

3. advantage               8. contrary                 13. expert                    18. necessary

4. adventure                9. serious                     14. extra                      19. notify       

5. conscience               10. service                   15. factual                  20. obedience



admissible- 1. capable or worthy or being admitted. 2. permitted by authority or by rules; allowable

advantage- 1. a favorable circumstance or condition; a gain resulting from a better or superior position; benefit

conscience- 1. sense of right and wrong; ideas and feelings within a person that warn of what is wrong

contemporary- 1. belonging to or living in the same period of time  

contrary- 1. completely different. 2. opposite in directions, position, etc.

exchange- 1. give (one thing) for another; change. 2. give in trade for something regarded as equivalent

exhibit- 1. let be seen; show plainly; display. 2. show publicly; put on display

factual- concerned with fact; consisting of facts; actual; real

naive- simple in nature; like a child; not sophisticated; artless

narrative- 1. story or account; tale

notify- 1. give notice to; let know; inform; announce to. 2. to make (something) known

obedience- an obeying; doing what one is told