Unpacking the Common Core Standards

That phrase has been mentioned and talked about in recentmonths but what exactly does it mean?  Itmeans that you look at each standard and think about the sub objectives foreach standard. What do the students need to be able to do to master thisstandard and what does it look like when they do.  Since the standards are being implementedacross the country we can benefit from the work that has already been done inthis area.  Although the bestunderstanding comes from doing, these resources will help us get started.
Common Core Placemats from Jessamine County
 English Language Arts

From North Carolina

English Language Arts

(pdf, 276kb)

1st Grade
(pdf, 161kb)

2nd Grade
(pdf, 170kb)

3rd Grade
(pdf, 165kb)

4th Grade
(pdf, 282kb)

5th Grade
(pdf, 298kb)

6th Grade
(pdf, 315kb)

7th Grade
(pdf, 300kb)

8th Grade
(pdf, 340kb)

English I & II
(pdf, 303kb)

English III & IV
(pdf, 302kb)



(pdf, 6.8mb)

1st Grade
(pdf, 11.3mb)

2nd Grade
(pdf, 1.1mb)

3rd Grade
(pdf, 5.4mb)

4th Grade
(pdf, 8.5mb)

5th Grade Math
(pdf, 4.4mb)

6th Grade
(pdf, 2.1mb)

7th Grade
(pdf, 909kb)

8th Grade
(pdf, 1.9mb)

(pdf, 229kb)

(pdf, 260kb)

(pdf, 224kb)

Number and Quantity
(pdf, 294kb)

Statistics and Probability
(pdf, 181kb)


KANSAS mATH Flipbooks

The Common Core “FlipBooks” are a compilation of research, “unpacked” standards from many states, instructional strategies and examples for each standard at each grade level. The intent is to show the connections to the Standards of Mathematical Practices for the content standards and to get detailed information at each level.

§  High School Flipbook

§  8th Flipbook

§  7th Flipbook

§  6th Flipbook

§  5th Flipbook

§  4th Flipbook

§  3rd Flipbook

§  2nd Flipbook

§  1st Flipbook

§  K Flipbook


Kentucky DOE


Kindergarten Mathematics
Kindergarten Mathematics.pdf

First Grade Mathematics

First Grade Mathematics.pdf

Second Grade Mathematics

Second Grade Mathematics.pdf

Third Grade Mathematics

Third Grade Mathematics.pdf

Fourth Grade Mathematics

Fourth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Fifth Grade Mathematics

Fifth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Sixth Grade Mathematics
Sixth Grade Mathematics.pdf

Seventh Grade Mathematics
Seventh Grade Mathematics.pdf

Eighth Grade Mathematics
Eighth Grade Mathematics.pdf

High School Algebra 1
High School Algebra 1.pdf

High School Algebra 2
High School Algebra 2.pdf

High School Geometry
High School Geometry.pdf


Kindergarten ELA

First Grade ELA

Second Grade ELA

Third Grade ELA

Fourth Grade ELA

Fifth Grade ELA

Sixth Grade ELA

SeventhGrade ELA

Eighth Grade ELA

Ninth TenthGrade ELA

Eleventh TwelfthGrade ELA


New YorkK-8 Math Standards:

Grade K

Grade 3

Grade 6

Grade 1

Grade 4

Grade 7

Grade 2

Grade 5

Grade 8

Other Resources to Help Unpack and
Understand the Standards

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