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HJHMS students working on Lapbook Projects

Abrille Dixon's classes at Hammond Junior High Magnet School are currently working on a lapbook project demonstrating what they have learned about the Moroccan Market based on the Moroccan Market Writing Prompt. On their lapbook, each student must include a mini foldable, a paragraph about a personal travel or shopping experience that was similar to going to the Moroccan Market, and at least three vocabulary words with definitions. They are encouraged to make the lapbook as colorful and creative as possible and to make sure their lapbook appeals to as many of the five senses as possible. 

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VES tables

The Helping Hands Club at Martha Vinyard Elementary purchased umbrellas for their picnic tables. Now the students can enjoy their breakfast/lunch without the hot sun in their eyes. Click here for more pictures.

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Science Experiments at LES     Kaboom

Students in Annette Nichol's class at Loranger Elementary conduct exciting science experiments.

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Talented Art Exhibit

Cindy Truong, Talented Art student from Loranger High, shows her painting for Global Wildlife at the recent Art Exhibit at the Hammond Regional Arts Center. Cindy is a student of Kitty Faulkenberry, Talented Art Teacher.

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Bone Conduction Music

Students in Joshua Blackwell's 8th Grade Science class at Sumner Middle School listen to music without speakers using a process called "Bone Conduction". Bone Conduction was discovered by the almost completely deaf, but famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. For instructions on how to duplicate this demonstration, contact joshua.blackwell@tangischools.org.
Click here for more pictures.

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Science Projects at SMS   SMS Science Projects

Lisa McMorris' 6th grade Physical Science classes at Sumner Middle School had to investigate on their own using the Scientific Process. Each student demonstrated their projects to the class. The students watched, participated and learned from each other!

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SMS Football Team
The Jewel Sumner Middle School football team traveled to the campus of LSU recently where they toured the football facilities and weight room. The trip was planned and coordinated by Coach Chris Fussell. The young men above pose with the Mike the Tiger statue. 
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NMS 8th graders taking EOC test
Eighth Graders in Ronald Rollins' Algebra 1 class at Nesom Middle School are working hard to prepare for their upcoming End Of Course Exam only a week after completing the LEAP test. The students use TI-84 graphing calculators and complete their course work online. Pictured from left to right are: Justice Lusk, Perla Torres, Evan Johnson, David Vazquez, Brooke Teska, Chekeria Calcota, Adelina Ramirez, and Molly McDonald. 
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