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student observing refraction
 Aaron Deblanc, fourth grader in Nancy Stokes' class at Spring Creek Elementary School is observing and drawing refraction during their science lesson this week.
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 Hammond High Magnet School Social Studies Department

 Leprechauns showed up at Hammond High Magnet School instead of the Social Studies Department teachers, Brandy Daniels; Deirdra Disher; Elizabeth Stockfleth; James Jacocks; Lisa Harper; Marcia Lyons; Michael Kyles; Roxanne Quinn.
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Hammond Jr. High LEAP night
Mrs. Erin Carter and Mrs. Tamara Whittington conducted LEAP Night at Hammond Junior High Magnet School recently. These teachers shared the TAP
video with students and parents before having them complete hands-on activities. The parents and students had to select a restaurant and order from
the menu. After choosing their meals, they had to calculate the taxes and tips. Students who attended LEAP Night were treated by Mrs. Carter and Mrs.
Whittington to the restaurant of their choice. The students enjoyed a delicious meal from Applebees.
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O.W. Dillon Elementary students exhibiting exemplary behavior and attendance for the 3rd six weeks were rewarded with a PBIS Parent Breakfast Celebration. PBIS students and a guest were treated to a pancake/sausage/egg breakfast prepared by members of OW Dillon's PBIS Team. Families pictured above are....

Dunns: Marqueshia Smith, Adrienne Dunn, Deputy Rodrick Dunn

Rodaijah Coleman and Kierra Williams

Cooks: Kameron and his grandfather, Mr. Cook

Smith: School Board Member, Mrs. Ann Smith, Angel Brown's grandmother, Mrs. James, and Jalyn Cooper

Earls: Aniya and her mother Demetria Earl

Dawsons: Camya and her dad Mr. Dawson
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Independence High School Welding Team Competition

Weding Team

On February 28, 2012, the welding team from Independence High School (Billy Bankston, Seth Burkhalter, Josh Franklin, Dagean Hardy, and Welding Instructor, Dwayne Wascom) went to Greensburg for the FFA welding competition where they placed first and second. Billy Bankston and Seth Burkhalter took first and Josh Franklin and Dagean Hardy took second. Josh Franklin took first place overall. Seth Burkhalter took second and Billy Bankston took forth.
This event enabled them to go to the Area IV FFA competition at the ABC School, where Billy Bankston and Seth Burkhalter placed first, while Josh Franklin and Dagean Hardy took forth place. Seth Burkhalter and Billy Bankston tied for second and Josh Franklin took third in the overall.
On March 9, 2012, the Independence High School welding teams consisting of nine welders, five advanced and four beginners, went to a welding competition in St. Rose, Louisiana. Beginner welders were Scott Hendon, Jack Powell, Jesse Powell, and Ricky Lapine. Jack Powell took first place. Advanced welders were Josh Franklin, Dagean Hardy, Seth Burkhalter, Billy Bankston, and Korey Medders. Seth Burkhalter took second in advanced.
The Independence High School welding team brought home the Best Overall plaque for the second time in two years.
On March 29, 2012, the FFA welding team will return to the ABC School in Baton Rouge for the State FFA welding competition