Breakfast & Lunch Menus

The goal of Child Nutrition is to provide a nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals to our students.
Students are offered five menu items daily for lunch.  Of the five items offered each student must select three items.  Due to new USDA regulations effective July1, 2012 all students in Pre-K-12 must select a fruit or vegetable in addition to or as one of the three items.  USDA has implemented these changes to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables.   
  Elementary menus offer 2-3 breakfast choices daily and one lunch choice daily.  High Schools menus offer 2-3 breakfast choices daily and a choice of main entree, entree salad or sandwich for lunch.   Our menus consist of nutritionally balanced choices that include a variety of fruit, vegetables, low-fat milk, whole grains and meat or meat alternate.  

  ** All menus are subject to change based on availability of food.