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Jennifer Disher, Art Teacher at Woodland Park Elementary Magnet

A recent visitor to Woodland Park Magnet School had the opportunity to observe one of Jennifer Disher's art lessons with a Kindergarten class. The observer was so impressed, that a sizable donation was given to the art program at WPEM to help
continue meaningful lessons and support the art program at the school.

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Talented Art exhibit

Cindy Truong, Talented Art student from Loranger High, shows her painting for Global Wildlife at the recent Art Exhibit at the Hammond Regional Arts Center. Cindy is a student of Kitty Faulkenberry, Talented Art Teacher.

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Eye of the Tiger

Under the direction of gifted art teacher,
Sharon Sledge, Independence Middle Magnet School student Marvin Andrews
drew and painted the famous tiger eye for Independence Middle Magnet School. The tiger eye is located in the office waiting area of the school for everyone to see. Drop by and see this wonderful painting by Marvin.

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Jake O'Neil

Jake O'Neil, sixth grader at Loranger Middle School,  displays his clay sculptures at the Talented Art Exhibit at the Hammond Regional Arts Center.  Jake is a student of Talented Art Teacher Kitty Faulkenberry.

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Paintings for Global Wildlife

These paintings by Kitty Faulkenberry's Talented Art students depict endangered and threatened species from Global Wildlife.  They were on exhibit at the Hammond Regional Arts Center.
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 Alligator Art
Alayna Smith shows off her alligator that won first place in the K-1st grade division of Tickfaw State Park's annual art contest. Alayna is a kindergartener at Woodland Park Elementary Magnet School, and is under the direction of Visual Arts teacher, Jennifer Disher. Alayna's art, along with several of her peers from Woodland Park, will be on display all year at Tickfaw State Park's Nature Center. WoodlandPark's art classes are supported in part by the Hammond Regional Arts Center's 2013 Maya Levy Arts Education Grant.
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Art Winners

Woodland Park Elementary Magnet students are winners at Tickfaw State Park's Annual Art Contest. Pictured from left to right are Kendrick Harvey (1st place), Siobhan Lee (2nd place), and Marlene Martinez (3rd place). These Kindergarten students are under the direction of Visual Arts teacher, Jennifer Disher. Their artwork was all Louisiana based themes, ranging from drawings of the state capitol building to alligator inspired landscapes. The students' artwork will be on display all year at Tickfaw State Park's Nature Center in Springfield, La.

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Sharon Sledge's Talented Art Students learned about Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of many children's books, but especially, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Students learned about Eric's process of creating his own paper by painting watercolor or acrylic on tissue paper and then creating a collage of an animal with selected parts of the hand painted paper.  Each student in Junior High and High School selected from colorful animals like tree frogs, geckos, butterflies, or flamingos.  Elementary school students created roosters from their hand painted tissue paper.


The students learned about  the properties of warm and cool colors, created 1/2 of their paper using warm colors and 1/2 using cool colors, trying to create texture with brushes, sponges and other objects. The neutral paper, used for the rooster's body, was created by combining warm and cool paint. They learned  that warm and cool colors, when combined,  create a "neurtal" tone.
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Talented Art Exhibit

Pictured are Hammond High School Senior, Taylor Peters and her "buddy" Makayla Jenkins in Ms. Sedley Brown's kindergarten at Hammond Eastside Elementary.

Kitty Faulkenberry's high school Talented Art students painted portraits of children. The framed paintings were gifted to the children during the closing reception of the  exhibit at the Hammond Regional Arts Center. A grant of $2,400 from the Brown Foundation funded the special "Service Learning" project.

Loranger High and Ponchatoula High school students also particpated in the project as well as Ms. Stacy Hall's 1st graders at Tucker Elementary. There were 45 portraits on display.
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Flower mosaic

Flower Mosaic Art by Carlyria Wilson - fourth grader at Amite Elementary Magnet School. Art Teacher - Amanda Mars

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After reading  the dot by Peter H. Reynolds, the Pre-K and K Visual Art Students at Woodland Park Elementary Magnet School created their own "DOT" artwork. The students used primary colors to create their dots; some even experimented with mixing the red, yellow, and blue  to create the secondary colors. Some students used a secondary color (purple, orange, or green) water color wash over their dots to create these wonderful resist pieces of art.

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Talented Visual Arts Program
Sharon Sledge's Talented arts students are displaying masks that they've created. Marvin Andrews from Independence Middle Magnet, Erin Payne from Spring Creek, Jenna Brown from Sumner High, and Jacob Weaver and Imani Blossom from Amite Elementary Magnet have done a great job on  this project.
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Sharon Sledge's Talented Art students are displaying jewelry that they've created.
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 Aaron Stewart and family
Kelly Lagroue
Alisa Lagroue, Art Teacher at Midway Elementary School spent many hours putting together Midway's first Art Gala. It was held on Thursday, April 26, 2012 and students from every class throughout the school had their art on display. The Art Gala drew quite a crowd and parents, students, and teachers alike enjoyed refreshments along with an evening of beautiful artwork.